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Amanda L. Brennan
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Originally Posted by Golly Tabatabaie
Bamboozle is the new NJ Skate n Surf! Er, the new name for it anyways!

Not quite. Bamboozle, run by Max Cruise, was that company's way of telling eXcessDB, who runs S+S, to die. ExcessDB didn't ask MC to help on S+S this year, so MC said "I bet I can run a festival by myself!" and they did.....horribly. They really messed up the times and schedules, the first day, they didn't even have the right permit to set up the stage.

I was there Saturday and Sunday this year and it was awful. They oversold tickets and on Saturday, most of the people who wanted to see the big Further Seems Forever reunion with Chris Carrabba of Dashboard fame came like a half an hour before to get into Convention Hall (the main stage) and couldn't until after FSF was nearly over. There were hundreds of angry people outside. Then on Sunday, They messed up the times because the All American Rejects took forever to set up, causing them to push Flogging Molly and Bouncing Souls outside. All the ska fans were pissed because they waited inside CH all day, as to avoid a disaster like the previous night, and inevitably wasted their entire day.

A lot of bands are now refusing to work with MC again, and I personally hope that S+S is back next year. It was so much more organized than Bamboozle.

But back to the original question, it's held in Asbury Park the last weekend in April

Ryan, you should check out Hellfest though. It's similar and it's coming in about three weeks to Trenton and it's a big mix of punk, metal, hardcore, emo, whatever. A TON of big reunions are happening, like Public Enemy, Lifetime and Good Clean Fun.

And there's always Warped Tour.
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