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Lightbulb Have a roommate in mind but don't know where to live?

I'm one of the RAs in McClintock and I'm currently looking to fill one of the doubles in my suite in for next year. It's a five person suite, and there are only two of us currently living in it next year. I'd really like to fill the other empty double!

Soooo, If you have someone you'd like to room with but maybe you don't have the greatest room pick number (this way you'd bypass room selections) or you'd just really like to live in the suites, let me know! I'll be a junior next year, the other person living in the suite is going to be a sophomore. I'd prefer it if upperclassmen were to move in but soon-to-be sophomores are welcome as well. So long as you're clean, easy going and fun, you'll get along with us, I promise

My email is and my extension is 4247 (you can always call and leave a message)

P.S. Please get back to me ASAP if you're interested, I need to know in advance of April 18th!

Also, if you read this and you happen to know of anyone who might be interested, please pass on the info. Thanks!
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