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Originally Posted by Thomas G. DiLemmo
I'm just dumbfounded on how slow this .edu connection is.

You realize that the nature of the top-level domain (edu, com, org, etc.) is irrelevant, right? It's purely a matter of the size of the pipe and the demand on it.

That said, though it seems that there may be an issue with the internet server students use, also realize that you and your fellow students hit the network pretty hard with filesharing and other network-intensive activities.

Right now at home I get 4+ Mbit/s downloads. A full T1 is 1.5 Mbit/s, and a T3 is 45 Mbit/s (30x a T1). From Dave's chart, it looks like we have 13 Mbit/s download capability. Since there are about 1500 or you, you'd need a lot of T3s to get what Cablevision effectively offers home users (on the download side, anyway). Of course, I don't use a full 4.3 Mbit/s every minute of the day, but collectively students use about 11 Mbit/s, again from Dave's charts.

A full T3 costs maybe $10k a month? That's a lot. Do the math and see what home-cable quality service would cost per student, if we could even get that kind of pipeline in to Drew, which I doubt.

Don't confuse what seems to be a problem with the internet server with the amount of available bandwidth (which is, as Mike as said, lower than IT would like to see).
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