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Two small, quick points:

1) We have found some definite issues where things aren't doing what they're supposed to. We're trying several things to untangle what's going on. No matter what we do in this regard, though, this is only going to spread around the pain slightly differently.

2) We're investigating options to get more bandwidth, cheaply and quickly. I can't say much more about that because I don't have all the answers yet, and even when I do, we have to pay for it, which I think is possible but you never know.

People are working on this and do care a lot. I know it's easy to demonize people who work here as a nebulous "other" who are only seeking to make your lives miserable, but I would hope people could be a little more mature and rational and realize it wouldn't really be all that enjoyable to be intentionally malicious to hundreds of students all at once. It also wouldn't be something we could get away with for long. We will work on this, and things will get a little better soon, and hopefully a lot better next semester.
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