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Thomas G. DiLemmo
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Originally Posted by Justin M. Giza
First off, thanks for looking into this, Mike and all the others.

Also Thom, I'm pretty sure that the port numbers aren't the problem right now. Like I said, you get a pretty darn good connection in any of the other academic buildings. Games and other programs with high port numbers run flawlessly, etc. So the stop-up doesn't appear to be the port numbers, it's however the connection is routed. Or something. I don't know. As Mike noted in the previous post, somethin' crazy is going on, and they're workin' on it.

Finally... World of Warcraft uses port 3724, not 3714.
Well first like I said I apologize for getting hasty to anyone offended. It was pure frustration.

A few weeks ago I believe Guild Wars worked fairly well for me. There was lag but not terrible lag. The only thing is that I couldn't do vent or TS with the game which was unfortunate.

I wish the network people luck. Don't pay attention to my comments, I am the one who punches the monitor when a program doesn't load quick enough.
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