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Default One in each building, I think?

Originally Posted by Zachary C. Kanfer
_Every_ lounge in Tolley has been turned into a triple. I don't know about Brown, but I don't recall seeing any there either. So, for everyone in Tolley-Brown, the only lounge they have is the Tolley-Brown lounge, which isn't conducive to studying, really. That's a big change.

And Russ, ouch about those quads. I can't imagine living in one. Or, rather, I just don't want to.

Actually, they did the same thing in 1987 - with one difference. The info I have indicates that there's one floor lounge left in both Brown and Tolley - they didn't even leave that in '87. Oh, and up until 1991 or 1992, those little Holloway singles off a tiny common room? Those were doubles. Not even wide enough to unbunk the beds. My sister-in-law lived in one - she and her former roommate still avoid each other at reunions. I expect there are going to be more issues for Res Life and the student affairs folks to deal with - triples can be pretty tough, since you're trying to get three strangers to get along.

Assuming the info I have about the lounges is correct, we're planning on putting wireless access points in most remaining lounge areas. We've got to get final count and order the equipment. We don't have the budget to cover wireless for entire residence halls (and putting in widespread 802.11b/g support now with high-speed 802.11n right around the corner probably isn't a good investment), but we can at least make sure lounges and common areas are covered. The most complicated situation is Riker, due to to the small lounges scattered around. Some areas (The T/B lounge, Welch/Holloway lounge) already have wireless.
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