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Originally Posted by Mike Richichi
We got these running the middle of last week.

We're looking at discontinuing this service in the future--currently it still runs on the software our old email system ran on, and we feel it is largely supplanted by the functionality to email a class in Moodle (not to mention its discussion board features) and also the "email class" feature in CampusWeb. Thoughts?
Yes. Don't discontinue it. :-)

I don't want to have to fire up Moodle to do something as simple as sending an email.

Whatever system you're running email on, is it that hard to script the generation of a bunch of aliases?

Also kill the "courses" part of the server address and just make them (it's impossible for anyone to have an email address like lat-1-001 here at Drew anyway).

I use these a lot and would not want to see them go.
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