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Originally Posted by James A. Matarrese
.... Assorted others around the room seem to have the same problem. In troubleshooting, the problem was persistent across multiple machines, and it appears none of the computers attached were being assigned IP addresses.

I haven't seen any other posts on this topic, so I assume that nobody bothered to report this as an issue. I hope alerting someone to this helps it get fixed. Thanks!


James, I've been seeing two causes for this kind of behavior in the Drew laptops. Some computers will not recognize an Ethernet cable unless the wireless radio switch on the front of the computer is turned off. This could be the issue.

The other cause may be that users are logging on with the "Off Campus" login, even though they are on campus. Even when using wireless, the "On Campus" login option should always be used when you are on campus. The "Off Campus" option should only be used when you leave Drew.

Hope this helps!
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