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Oh, duh. I found the answer to my question on the proxy page:

"The Drew proxy server is also provided for on-campus users. When used on-campus, your web browsing performance will be enhanced because frequently accessed web content will be cached locally on Drew's proxy server. Using the proxy server on-campus also reduces the burden on Drew's internet connection. "

Dumb question, but does that proxy everything, set up that way, or only specified sites? Is there a way to have it only proxy some things? I'm concerned about cached copies of news pages and other things with rotating content.

Originally Posted by Jennifer A. Heise
I notice that a bunch of faculty computers in my department, including mine, appear to have the Automatic Proxy server configured to point to:

Is this really necessary on campus? What does it do? I'm familiar with proxy servers set up for off campus access to library databases that are restricted by IP address, but this is new to me.

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