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Originally Posted by Jennifer A. Heise
Oh, duh. I found the answer to my question on the proxy page:

"The Drew proxy server is also provided for on-campus users. When used on-campus, your web browsing performance will be enhanced because frequently accessed web content will be cached locally on Drew's proxy server. Using the proxy server on-campus also reduces the burden on Drew's internet connection. "

Dumb question, but does that proxy everything, set up that way, or only specified sites? Is there a way to have it only proxy some things? I'm concerned about cached copies of news pages and other things with rotating content.
When you use the PAC file on-campus, it configures the browser to send most requests out through the proxy.. Only the on-campus application servers bypass the proxy in that configuration.

News sites and the like shouldn't be an issue because the proxy respects the Expires and Cache-Control headers returned by the web servers. A site displaying dynamic content should be setting "Pragma: no-cache" (for HTTP 1.0 clients) and the "Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate" (for HTTP 1.1 clients) headers.
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