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Cleante Apollon
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Default UMC Judicial Council ruling

tessa, thx for suggestiong this forum. as i stated at the meeting earlier, i'm truly sickened . . . angry . . . frustrated . . . ashamed . . . i'm not sure my vocabulary is extensive enough to relay my feelings.

i had to sit down and really pray over this, and pray that god would continue to guide my responses and reactions. there's this side of me that wants nothing whatsoever to do w/the umc -- i'm tired of being told i'm not worthy, not good enough, i'll burn in hell, etc., etc., etc.

then there's the side of me that is reminded that approximately 40 some-odd years ago, rosa parks stood up by sitting down. i don't have any answers . . . i have, as i'm sure, many others do, tons and tons of questions. i'm tired of being in a closet -- as a believer, as a woman, and as crusader for civil rights.

the central question is how do we go about making a change? if letters are being written -- i'll sign. if marches are being made -- i'll march. if calls are being made -- i'll talk.

earlier today, i was hurt . . . i'm still hurt. but i refuse to be imobilized by that hurt. whatever i can do to assist in overturning this edict . . . count me in
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