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Originally Posted by Zachary C. Kanfer
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But I think one of the shows could easily go too far. The one about binge drinking, where a mother "agrees to binge drink for 30 Days to try to get through to [her daughter]" (from the FX website). That could easily be a little...scary, or something. I'd really have to see it before making judgment.
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True, but that's kinda the point. Super Size Me is sort of the same way. No one I know of eats three meals a day of McDonalds but it basically accelerates the whole process of say eating McDonalds once a day. With only a limited time, he wants to show that too much of something can be a bad thing. Or too little of something can be a bad thing (in the case of not being exposed to other cultures, lifestyles to understand them and not fear,hate them).

And being a little scary might make some people think about it a little more. Some of the upcoming episodes could get a little scary. It all depends on the people involved and luck plays out.
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