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Originally Posted by Dia O'Neil
she was gang raped and hung herself, to the best of my knowledge. hence her hatred of men. and she is a REALLY good judge of character, so good guys generally won't be bothered, but i know of plenty of less-than-reputable fellows who have recieved her wrath.

That's become rather more violent over the years. In all seriousness, I've never heard anything that went beyond "urban legend" level. My understanding is that it used to be easier to get up there, and there were apparantly some "let's make noise or do something with the attic light" type of things going on rather regularly. The light is visible from outside. The stuff I heard as a student (about any building) was amazingly vague on the origin.

I have some suspicions about something else that might've been incorporated into or reinforced this particular story in recent decades, from a "Drew folklore" standpoint, but it's speculative enough that I'm not about to go out on a limb and post it.

BTW, based on an old (1940's) yearbook I saw recently, the first female college students at Drew seem to have been housed in a building referred to as "Puma House". There's a group picture. The building isn't one on campus - including the torn-down buildings. Based on the appearance, I'm 100% certain it's the stone house at 49 Park Avenue in Madison. The building hasn't changed much, at least externally. The trim detail and such are largely the same.
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