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Hey, ladies, I can answer those for ya!

Auditions will most likely be held the first weekend after classes start - we're starting off the year with only 5 (count 'em FIVE) girls, so we want to have our auditions as soon as possible and get our new members singing!

As for being a commuter, we've had commuters in the group before, as well as people with night classes. For auditions this may or may not affect you at all. The audition can be short or long depending on how many people come to it, and how far you get in the audition. To give you an example, when I auditioned there were probably around 25 girls there - that's a LOT of people. Needless to say, that audition ran into the evening and took a few hours.

With rehearsals as a commuter, we generally arrange our rehearsal schedule around the schedules of everyone in the group. We rehearse 3 times a week, 2 hours each time. We do add more rehearsals if we need to and occasionally rearrange schedules when lots of members of the group can't make it. An example of that is that we had a lot of girls involved in the theatre department this past year, and for opening nights of plays, majors had to be there to see the show. So we could reschedule a rehearsal to a different night for that.

But regarding scheduling and rehearsals, even though we can rearrange stuff and we try our best to work around everyone's schedules, that doesn't take away from the fact that being in this group is a serious commitment! When we have rehearsal, we have to be on time so we can use all the time we have to make OADN awesome!

(I'm starting to turn this explanation into a novel, sorry!)

Okay, actual audition process. Come with 2 RECOGNIZABLE SONGS prepared. You'll be singing one verse and one chorus from the songs you choose. As much as we love Broadway, we ask that you please don't sing show tunes because we want to hear YOU sing, not a character. Also, making sure that the songs are recognizable is pretty important, because if nobody in the group knows the song you're singing, we can't tell if you're actually supposed to be singing it the way you are. So for song choice, I'd say pick something you're basically positive will be recognized by someone in the group.

Songs are really just one part of the audition. For a general overview of the whole thing:

- We all introduce ourselves, possibly sing something! Yay, singing!
- Round 1: Everyone who came out to audition sings one verse and one chorus of a song of their choice. Once all that singing is done, all the audition-ees leave the room while we discuss, then we come out to you guys with the first round of callbacks.
- Round 2: You sing one verse and one chorus of the other song you prepared. Then, we have some range exercises to do just that - check out your range. It's basically "Ah"s up and down the scale. Then you've got the same deal, auditioners skedaddle, we discuss, and there is yet another set of callbacks.
- Round 3: Blending exercises, which include teaching you a song! Something easy, we promise. After that, we pretty much make the decision about who will be our brand spankin' new ladies.

So that's the audition process!

I wouldn't say we're looking for specific voice parts - not at all, actually. Everybody in the group sings damn near everything. For example, I sing the top part on Angel, and then I sing the very bottom part on Signed, Sealed, Delivered. What you sing really depends on your range, and what parts we need covered at what time.

So if you've survived reading all of that, hopefully I've answered all of your questions! Like Elyse said, if you have any other questions at all, post here again, email us, or Facebook message/friend us! Yay!

P.S. - I know the whole auditioning thing can be kinda daunting (I was pretty much shaking when I was sitting there), but just HAVE FUN WITH IT! If you're enjoying yourself, we're most likely to be enjoying ourselves, too! Yay, singing!

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