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I'm a grad student so I'm not on the meal plan, but I like to "treat" myself every now & then, esp. at busy times. I'm very disappointed in the new food service.

The Commons has fewer choices than before and less appetizing choices (both look & taste). The prices went up. The signs are hung so low I keep hitting myself in the head. The dishes & silverware are no cleaner than they used to be. Etc.

The snack bar still never has a clean table. The prices went up. I keep getting charged tax too (all summer, in fact) -- granted I look older than an undergrad, but I'm wearing a backpack & paying on my Drew debit card, so you'd think I looked like a student! The premade salads have soggy croutons & the salad bar is too expensive. There's not much in the way of combos there either in order to save a little money, & there was even less over the summer. Why does a combo always mean fries or chips & a soda? How about a side salad and juice or milk? Etc.

Even the soda vending machine prices went up.

And speaking of summer, as well as weekends, grad students are pretty much here 24/7/365 & we need to eat too! What's with closing at 2 in the summer when the library is open till 9? What's with not opening till 2 on weekends as if we don't want any lunch?

I won't say that there's nothing good that they retained (like Pepsi products) or implemented (like panini in the snack bar -- though I'd like a chicken one too, so I haven't tasted one yet), but overall I'm NOT impressed & will "eat out" a lot less than I used to under Aramark unless I see improvements.
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