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Marilyn C. Levy
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Default A home for my dog

I am hoping to re-home my two year old shelter dog. He is a terrier mix, about 18 pounds, very very cute. He is a "Benji" dog -- looks like an overgrown Yorkie or Silkie. Frankie is sweet as can be, and very intelligent, but he is very sensitive/reactive and has guarding and fear issues (he is scared of a lot of things). I have been working with a series of trainers, and have finally found a very good one. She says that Frankie is completely trainable, especially because he is so smart. He needs a patient, loving owner who can take time to work with him, or who has a very quiet household (no children) and just wants to hang out with a cute loving dog. Frankie is currently on fluoxetine after having been evaluated by a veterinary behaviorist. The intent was to lower his reactivity level to make reconditioning/desensitizing/training easier. Frankie would be the dream pet for someone interested in rehabilitating an inherently lovely dog.

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