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Originally Posted by Benjamin M. Rothman
I have been to other schools, cheaper schools, and they have MUCH better cafeterias. The kind that I was excited to return to because the food was... actually good. (and it did not cause me physical harm to eat)

Without the need to name other schools, what in your opinion defines the quality of the cafeteria environment and what was it about that food that was better than our food - I mean, seriously, it's all college food that either one of several major food providers are catering. In my own experiences, other colleges had the same food options, different layout, same quality, same meal plans. The Commons is a condensed version of a food court, but maybe a little more shabby in some spots too.
I am in no way defending Drew's food quality or Commons, as there are some nights where even I can't find something to eat (and I say it like that because I am not picky and consider myself to have an iron-stomach). However, I am very curious how you can make a comparison to a shadow school without giving constructive criticism why it's better or how Drew's food could be better.

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