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Originally Posted by Connor J. Ambrose
This is an incredible tutorial. Thanks so much for this. I have a 3GS running the latest operating system and after following the steps, I'm still unable to add GroupWise to my mail, it says "verifying" for about 3 minutes after I type in the information and then finally determines that "SSL cannot be located." Is there a way I can fix this problem?
Just ignore the SSL error. The account should still be added. You can then go to the Inbox and it may take a few minutes, but the contents will eventually download.

BTW, we are currently testing Novell's new ActiveSync support on a few iPhone and Android devices. This provides real push email, contacts, and calendar and it seems to work rather well. It's also quite a bit easier to set up. We'll be announcing an open trial for the community soon (within the next couple of weeks, I think).
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