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Default Invasion of the ladies' locker rooms

<Gripe on>

I really don't complain about too much. Really. I don't. But this summer Drew has apparently rented access to the pool and athletic facilities to a number of groups. Most of them are fine, well-supervised, and populated by courteous young athletes who seem genuinely dedicated to their sport. But there is a group of very young girls who come to use the pool who are another story. I don't use the pool myself, and can't comment on their behavior there, but if it is anything like their comportment in the locker room, I'm glad I don't have to witness it.

These youngsters are rude, they are messy, and they are loud. In short, they are children. My complaint is that they are largely unsupervised, and their counselors are barely better socialized than the children themselves. Clothes are thrown all over the locker room. The children take for their own anything they find in the lockers, bragging about it to one another. The counselors rush them in and out of the showers, and then leave the showers turned on as they exit for the pool. If one dares to comment to the children themselves, they challenge you and lip off. The counselors, such as they are, witness this and do nothing to intercede. The children dress, and then stay in the locker area to play. If you ask them to move so that you can change, at best they ignore you. At one point, I asked a group of four of them to move so I could pass through three times. They were playing with a game on a cell phone, and didn't even acknowledge that I was speaking to them. Three of the counselors were standing not three feet from me, comparing notes on some boy who had dated each of them this summer, and, although they definitely noticed my interaction with the children, not one of them disengaged from their fascinating dialogue to direct more appropriate behavior in their charges.

I guess my biggest gripe is why are these outside groups given no oversight by Drew? It's one thing that the group has failed to provide adequately trained supervisors. It's another that Drew provides no one to guard the facilities and ensure their proper use.

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