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Benjamin H. Chmielinski
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Hey Julie,

I'm not up to date on the club's activities, but if it is still active then the man to contact is a theological student named Isaac Kim, email address I believe. He took time out of his busy schedule to instruct me and several others in Kumdo for years, without University support or compensation of any kind, because he loves the sport. Assuming he is still instructing I'm sure he'll be happy to hear that someone is interested in learning.

That said, since the club has not been financed by Drew, members always had to supply their own equipment. A bamboo sword suitable for some drills costs only $10-20, but to really learn the sport and practice you'll soon need to pick up a suit of armor for around $250-300.

Good luck!

(Oh and if you do talk to Isaac, would you mention my name as the one who referred you to him? Just to let him know I haven't forgotten everything he did for me.)

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