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Originally Posted by John D. Muccigrosso
It actually doesn't append .aspx, it leaves it on there. On Safari I get both extensions.

Using a batch renamer is a bit of overkill, since I only download one of these files at a time. I could set up a folder action on my downloads folder, but instead I've switched back to Safari.

I'd call this a bug in Firefox, and something that others might see. Are the new freshmen computers doing this?

Every computer windows mac or linux that I have encountered does it. It seems that windows or Firefox on windows just knows how to deal with the file even though it has the .aspx extension following it. There is probably a plug in or extension that fixes this problem (or we could write one). But with other browsers not encountering this problem for the time being I think the best solution is to just use another browser to download those files. I wouldn't call it a bug I think Firefox is working the way its supposed to it just may need to be configured in a different way to fix this problem. I will keep an eye out on the Mozilla user groups for any solutions.
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