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Originally Posted by Robin Timmons
I use GroupWise mail archives. Do I need to "unarchive" them in order to migrate them to gmail?

If I keep the desktop GroupWise program on my computer could I continue to use it to access my archived items?
Hi Robin,

The tool we are using to migrate mail does support GroupWise archives. Once migration of all of the online mail is complete, we will announce how to get your archives over. It will require some human intervention since we need to get the archives copied to a central location and then point the migration tool at them, so likely the procedure will involve creating a helpdesk ticket and then copying your archive folder up to a network share somewhere.

You can use your local copy of GroupWise to access your archives as long as GroupWise can access your online mailbox. You can do that for as long as our GroupWise system is up, which will be at least through September. To maintain access for longer, you should set your local GroupWise client into Caching mode so it has a local copy of your online mailbox + your archive.
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