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Default Presentation by Barbara Ardinger

I attended the lecture by Barbara Ardinger on Monday and found it very interesting. I especially liked her use of the terms "foundational myths" and "oval works" (as opposed to seminal works).

Of the books she recommended at the end, the library has:

1. The goddesses and gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 BC, myths and cult images / Marija Gimbutas.
936 G491g 1984

2. When god was a woman / Merlin Stone.
291.211 S879p2

[ Sarah the priestess : the first matriarch of Genesis / Savina J. Teubal.
221.92 S243 T351s ]

3. Gyn/ecology : the metaethics of radical feminism : with a new intergalactic introduction by the author / Mary Daly.
305.42 D153g2

5. The spiral dance : a rebirth of the ancient religion of the great goddess / Starhawk.
299 S795s

6. Drawing down the moon : witches, Druids, goddess-worshippers, and other pagans in America today / Margot Adler.
299.93 A237d 1986

7. The book of goddesses and heroines / Patricia Monaghan.
291.211 M734b

8. The Politics of women's spirituality : essays on the rise of spiritual power within the feminist movement / edited by Charlene Spretnak.
305.42 P769p

9. The woman's encyclopedia of myths and secrets / Barbara G. Walker.
291.1303 W177w (though that's in the Cornell room and you can't check it out)

10. The Great Cosmic Mother : rediscovering the religion of the earth / Monica Sjöö and Barbara Mor.
291.211 S625g

11. The chalice and the blade : our history, our future / Riane Eisler.
305.309 E36c

The myth of matriarchal prehistory : why an invented past won't give women a future / Cynthia Eller.
306.83 E45m

Living in the lap of the Goddess : the feminist spirituality movement in America / Cynthia Eller.
291.082 E45ℓ

Goddess unmasked : the rise of neopagan feminist spirituality / Philip G. Davis.
291.14 D263g (currently checked out)
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