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I am extremely saddened and ashamed by the decision of the Judicial Council. I do believe it is very important to talk about this with our local church families, sooner rather than later. I went to the Raritan Valley's Day with the Bishop, Laity session, this past Monday. I asked the Bishop about this decision and the first thing Bishop Devadhar did was to ask the laity present if they knew what I was talking about. I am estimating an attendance of 80 people, of those 80 people, 15-20 people were aware of this decision. I was amazed that 2 weeks has gone by and less than 25% knew of the decision. Of that 25%, I imagine less than that actually understood the decision, and were able to grasp the ramafications. I urge everyone to have an open dialoge with thier local churches, ignorance is not bliss and is very oppressive.

Grace and Peace My Friends
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