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Laura A. Billet
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Originally Posted by Kettura Bennett
Hey i am ready whenever you are i worked on yearbook in every school that i have attended since elemenary- aswell as assisting in the yearbook crew at the school that I work at. i love putting the year book together but i also like taking pictures. Hey i can start taking pictures at the orienation if you like. email me at
also one more thing- my room is in tolly- i am on the first floor for easy excess

That sounds awesome! Most of the master layouts have been created, but theres still a lot of room for improvization! Student pictures are always appreciated! We have a set of professional photographers to take pictures at random events too. And pictures for orientation would be great! That would be a huge help!

Awesome with the Tolley thing! What room are you in? I was in 117 my freshman year!
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