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Saman Asheer
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Exclamation The MSA condemns the London Bombings

As the President of the Drew Muslim Student Association, I'd like to extend my deepest sympathies to those who lost or knew anyone affected by the 4 bombings that occured in London a few days ago.
The MSA condemns these acts of terrorism. As a Muslim, I feel a sense of responsibility to dispel the notion that Islam or Muslims support any sort of terrorism. It is against the teachings of Islam to cause any harm to innocent people. I realize that as the Drew U. MSA we don't have a lot of power to affect the way Muslims or others are reacting to the bombings. However, I think the more every Muslim speaks out against these acts of terrorism, the more people will begin to understand each other and ignorance will decrease.
I know that the exact identities of the bombers are not yet known, but since there is evidence leading to the fact that they were Pakistani and committed the act in the name of Islam, I thought it would be appropriate to open this discussion if anyone has any questions or comments about Islam and terrorism or otherwise. I'm not a scholar, but I can try to answer questions the best I can, or refer you to someone who can answer them better.
I hope that this discussion forum will be constructive in aiding others to understand Islam and each other better.
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