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Dia O'Neil
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see, when i read your first post, i read "cool" as the figurative meaning, not the temperature meaning as apparently most other people did. way to go ambiguous sentences! score one for tricky semantics!

anyway, drew during the fall = absolutely beautiful. at night when the lamps are lit and the leaves have turned, it's one of the most gorgeous sights you will ever see. that's why i decided to stick around for the fall and go abroad in the spring. in general, fall semester is more laid-back and easy going, at least from what my friends and i have noticed. probably because seniors are still in denial about graduating. heh. spring semester = sucky. so i am running half way across the world to escape. lol.

as for the coldness factor, you dont know cold until you live in central new york [or, you know, vermont] for twenty years. up here we have three seasons: winter, almost winter, and construction. i found jersey winters to be mild at best, and was still wearing shorts and tank tops at the end of november. and it doesnt actually snow at drew. it's more like...occasionally the sky gets a bad case of dandruff.

but i am a snow snob, so dont listen to me. dont worry about a coat til after thanksgiving.

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