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Saman Asheer
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Maybe I should clarify. I was not in any way apologizing for the attacks. I had nothing to do with them, so why should I? Instead, I was trying to stand up for my faith in saying that Islam has no connection to killing innocent people through acts of terrorism. I wanted to make it clear that it is against Islamic teachings to commit terrorism (as you said Zachary, it comes from the root Salam meaning peace or submission). The reason people link Islam to terrorism is because they don't understand the religion, or because they've heard things stating otherwise. These terrorists are using the name of Islam to kill innocent people, and my post was meant to be a message from the MSA asking those who have questions about terrorism and Islam to raise them. It's the best way to fight ignorance, and then maybe someday there won't be a need to dispel the notion that Islam and terrorism are connected.
Thanks for your comments and keep posting!
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