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The spam firewall scores each message that is delivered; the higher the score, the more likely the message is spam. By default, messages that score higher than 3.25 are quarantined. If you are receiving too much spam, you can adjust your settings to quarantine messages more aggressively.

You can change your settings at Click on the Preferences tab, then click on the Spam Settings tab, and then under Spam Scoring change Use System Defaults to no. Click on the Save Changes button and then adjust the Quarantine down (for example, change Quarantine from 3.25 down to 3). Click on the Save Changes button again to commit your changes.

You should make changes incrementally and then observe the effects for a day or two; if you are still receiving too much spam, try lowering the quarantine number some more. The lower you set the quarantine number, the more spam will be blocked, but you also increase the likelihood that you will block legitimate email so exercise appropriate caution. As you adjust your quarantine number down, you should pay extra attention to your daily quarantine report until you are satisfied you have a number that isn't producing false-positives (i.e. legitimate mail being quarantined as spam).

If you need any help changing your spam settings, please contact the CNS Helpdesk (x3205); they'll be happy to help.

As Jason mentioned, there is a discussion on this topic at
There's a lot of useful information in that discussion so it's worth reading through.
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