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Benjamin H. Chmielinski
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Default Response to Acorn article, "Smoking Battle on Campus Lights Up"

While no one is arguing with Messrs. Richlin and Wnorowski's repeated and emphatic point that cigarettes are detrimental to health, their insistence that this reason is sufficient for the banning of the sale of cigarettes from the Drew bookstore is unfounded. I'm sure their fellow students are very appreciative of these two crusaders' desire to mother them and metaphorically slap them on the wrist when they are naughty, but sadly this duo is not a moral authority and is showing undue self-importance with their stern, glowering attempts at "benefiting" the student body.

Mr. Wnorowski has explained to me that he is not, in fact, actively pursuing this ban. He tells me that this "crusade" is being carried out exclusively by Mr. Richlin.

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