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Jacqueline DiLorenzo
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Originally Posted by Kevin P. Egan
Just for edification (the list is obviously not oriented at computer security), these two programs rarely detect newly released viruses, even when used in conjunction. They work well for adware and spyware, but not so well for viruses. This is of course because they're not designed specifically for viruses. CNS offers the antivirus program F-Prot, it comes pre-installed on the laptops. It works pretty well, it has real time protection, scan on demand, and frequent updates. But it does not detect everything and vigilance is required by the user in order to keep the computer safe. No anti-virus software will allow you to have free roaming all over the internet and allow you to stay protected, safe browsing and email habits are essential to keeping your computer clean.

I use AVG & Ad-Aware... but my computer is still in a state of hopelessness. I get the blue error screen at every startup. :/

Not everything on her list is perfect, but I definitely found it helpful overall.

edit: And I use Stinger when necessary.
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