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Dia O'Neil
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Originally Posted by Jacqueline DiLorenzo
Cool, thanks. I'll put that one up, too.

It's funny because so far I've only bought a pair of sheets. :/

if you want my honest opinion, i would wait until you actually get TO school to buy stuff if you're not sure whether you need it or not. sheets, other bedding, TV, fridge, stuff you KNOW you'll need, sure. go for it. but stuff like lighting [which is REALLY space-dependent], school supplies, mirrors, storage, extra seating, and that blender that you'd love to bring but just aren't quite sure of...wait until you know how much space you have. that's the main cause of the freshman fifteen [and in this context i mean the fifteen+ huge items you thought you'd LOVE to have and a week into classes would just LOVE to destroy]. i don't recommend buying supplies at the bookstore unless you really just need a notebook in a pinch because, as with everything, drew = $$$, but staples is a walkable distance [albeit a pretty damn long walk], and there's a target and a bed, bath & beyond on route 10. and if you really just want to ditch the parents as soon as you're all unpacked and not wait to go back out shopping, i'm SURE you can find an upperclassman with a car who'd be willing to drive you around to get stuff *cough cough* :P

ahh, i miss the off-to-college shopping. that was a fun time. i was a bed, bath & beyond GURU.
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