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I'm not even going to start on how horridly sexist this is... I'm just going to give you some of the place I've been for most of the things you've listed...

Elite Nails in Madison isn't bad, but I prefer Carousel Nail Salon over in Chatham.
There's also a place over here in Morristown that does a very nice exfoliating hand massage with thier manicures called Cattano Nails.. I think... It's on CAttano Ave in Morristown either way.

Now this one I have to admit I've not had done, because I like my hair.

Hair Salons/Stylists.
The two I knew in madison are both gone now, but over at London World Connection in Morristowh there are some pretty cool women who seem to know what they are doing from the work I've seen them do.

Tanning salons
Depends on what kind of tanning you want to do. If it's real tanning, I'd go out to Beach Bum tanning on RT 10 in East Hanover. If you want sunless, well you could do that still, but you might be just as good with Hollywood Tans in Morristown. Course there is a tanning place in madison, but I've never been myself.

Yoga Studio
I've heard massively good things about the studio in downtown madison, so you might want to check their prices.

Massage Therapy
You got good advice. The massage I had at the Health Services was top notch and cost effective.

Tailors I can't put up with most of the time, so you're on your own there.
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