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Default Spend the summer on the beach!!

Hey Drew! Need a summer plan? Here's a proposition!

I've applied for a few jobs in gorgeous Cape Cod (Mashpee, Falmouth area) and was thinking about renting a house to live there for the summer! If you're interested, email me and if we can get enough people, it would be easy to find a house by the beach to rent for a few months!

Tons of businesses down there are looking for college age kids to work in the summer months so there are plenty of opportunities to find work (Tons of tourists come down during the season so lots of $$$ as well!) and it's a great way to get access to the lovely shores of the Cape! There are a few houses right down by the water and if we can get enough people, the rent shouldn't be too bad for the summer.

Cars would probably be required depending on the location of the job in relation to the house but I think if people work close together, carpooling would be fine. I'm planning on bringing my car down there at least. Also if we live close enough to your work, go green and bring a bike!!

This is something a TON of college kids do and I think it would be a blast!!

Email me at if you're interested!
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