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A good first start would be a filmmaking club, I think. Another school I attended had both a filmmaking club and a film major. A filmmaking club might be a good way to start. Check the ECAB website for information on how to start a club. Luckily you are a freshman, as it does seem to take a while for a club to become an established presence on campus.

Once you have formed a club there are several things that could be done, depending on the interest of the members; guest speakers and technical demonstrations, a drew-made film festival, a collaborative film project, fundraisers to get club-owned equipment, there are many things that would be of interest to people interested in film. Working with other groups on campus could be a great way to both increase visibility and stretch funds. Interested in hearing a feminist filmmaker speak? Work with Women's Concerns to get someone here to talk. Want to shoot a documentary about medieval reenactment? That Medieval thing might want to help.

One class that might be of interest is ART 36, digital multimedia, I know they've been doing quite a bit with digital video.

The filmmaking club that I was familiar with made one major production a year. Many, but not all of the people involved were film majors, so they did have the benefit of formal training. The quality of their yearly project was at or better than that of the senior project film.

Another purpose of a club would be to bring together like minded people who could look into how to form a major.

Good luck to you!
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