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Cool Snack bar ~ a work in progress

Originally Posted by Laura M. Rando
I wish there was a bit more of a variety in the Snack Bar, it gets boring having the same options every time you go there.

I do agree that the snack bar could use a bit more variety, especially with the salad bar. I realize they are trying to make things a bit more interesting for everyone but they still have a way to go.

I also think they need to put out more carry out containers. The paper or plastic plates just don't cut it. Especially when your in a rush to get across campus.

It would also be nice if they stayed open a bit later or at least if they were going to close, open up the smaller coffee stand with premade salads, wraps, sandwiches to go and of course have a mini smoothie station back there. Those things are wonderful!

Just sometimes wish the prices were a bit cheaper and that they didn't skimp so much on the chicken that they put in the chicken cheesesteaks.

Well, one thing that you all must admit is that the staff are great. They are great and always really helpful.
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