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-I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Drew doesn't have any policies against hiking/walking/biking on the weekends. You're welcome to do these things whenever you want. If you want someone else to organize it for you... well, maybe someone involved in an appropriate organization is reading this thread and will start something up, but if you don't want to count on that happening, you'll have to make some inquiries on your own. There used to be an outdoors club or something like that, but I don't know if it's still active. Generally these things depend on student interest. If you can generate it, you can often find support. If not, well...

-There's not really anything Drew can do about the apparent lack of single girls. Besides, the female to male ratio is near 60-40, I don't know what more you can ask for.

-A rock wall in the gym would be cool, but I think your request for better desks is a higher priority. I have heard rumblings of efforts to get some new furniture in the classrooms, but I don't know the status of that effort. Perhaps the SGA could be convinced to make some inquiries, if they're not already doing so. You could also go to Pres. Weisbuck's open office hours some week and raise the issue. He is very responsive to student concerns, and the more people complain about it, the faster the response will be.

-I'm not sure your difficulties in getting a hamburger bun at the snack bar are a result of the employees being "jerks". I could be wrong, but while the job skills and english speaking ability of the snackbar employess may be a matter of debate, I've never observed them to be mean or unhelpful.

-I'm on board with most of the rest of your complaints. The New Dorm (due to open in Spring 09) will have a very cool first floor which should be a good place to socialize, and the renovated Tolley-Brown lounge (due to be completed this summer) will also be very nice, so this might somewhat allieviate the need for a new UC, which would be several years away at best.

-There is nothing that can be done about your parking complaint, really. The town will not let the school develop enough additional land to produce enough parking for all the underclassmen who would want it, even if the University decided that creating new parking is a priority (unlikely, considering the dire need for additional/improved faculty/staff office space, to say nothing of needs for a new UC and Science Building).
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