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Emily R. O'Neil
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Originally Posted by Christa A. Hendrickson

Ps…my dorm is Tolley if you also have that I am guessing that we are roommates?

HOLY CRAP THATS MY OLD ROOM. awesome. granted i was there for maybe three months before giving up and crashing in my friend's townhouse and then i moved into a theme house spring semester, but rock on!! it's right by the bathroom so you can totally run back and forth and snatch showers before everyone else gets them, and it's right next to the kitchen too so its ALMOST like having your own little townhouse. almost being the key word here, hehe.

oh and there's a poltergeist that likes to turn off your alarm, especially if you have an 8:20am class [ugh] so you might want to bring two. it may have moved on tho. it's one of the reasons why i moved out...i kept missing comp sci.

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