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Justin M. Giza
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Default Network Lag?

So is it just me, or does the network seem to be running slower than ever as of late? I'm not talking about games or whatever, I'm just talking general websites.

Took me almost three full minutes to successfully log into my bank's website today. Almost reminds me of class registration. Though this has been the worst of it, this just seems to be a running trend lately for most non-Drew sites I visit recently. Wasn't our connection UPGRADED sometime during the summer? I seem to recall getting an email sometime last year saying that it would be.

Maybe it's just my awful R40 acting up again (and please no one contest it this time... I've blown through three hard drives), but maybe not. I would find it hard to blame filesharing for the lag, seeing as it often feels like Drew's pretty much cut off anything involving the internet that's not AIM.

Anyone out there who might have an idea? Thanks!

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