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Default The GSA Homepage

There is no question that this particular message regarding the issues surrounding the GDR move are important to all graduate students. I would like to thank GSA President Lynne Darden for this very thorough exposition of a most recent meeting. I would also like to make a small request regarding the GSA homepage. Could we find a way to make sure that this page is updated so as to show a comprehensive list of meeting dates, times, and place? I would think it important now more than ever that every form of communication is used to relay such an item since participation by the entire graduate student body in GSA meetings will make this organization more responsive to the community it intends to serve. I would further urge that all graduate students send letters of praise to the GSA executive committee for all of the hard work they have done to be an informative and affirmative voice for the graduate student body.


Kevin Huvane
Graduate English Area
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