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Kevin Domanski
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In general I have found the quality of the commons much better compared to the previous years. However I am severely dissapointed with the snack bar. They often don't have many of the ingrediants to make their menu items and I found myself listing things I want until they finally tell me they are able to make that. Don't forget the night that they closed an hour early because they simply ran out of food. In addition, the serving sizes are laughable. I had ordered a buffalo chicken wrap and received about 4 pieces of lettuce, a slice of tomato, and about 2 and a half little slices of chicken - all of this costing me just under 5 bucks.

I hope the snack bar is just experiencing a few kinks seeing as it is still the start of the new year - but the way it stands now I will be eating in the commons much more often.
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