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Yasin B. Abbak
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Originally Posted by Blake J. Gideon
Actually, all these bailouts are helping you with your loans. You see, the money supply is rising, thus prices will follow suit. Your nominal 150,000 in loans currently will most likely decrease in real terms once you begin to paying them off.

Blake, I would agree with you if not for one thing: we are not entering a job market that is sufficient enough to pay off those loans. If we were entering a healthy job market I would say fine.

Across the board, job opportunities are decreasing, making the wage rate go down. People are willing to work for less - supply and demand. Unfortunately, loans and college costs are not reflecting that. While we are going to have trouble finding jobs, loans and other debts are having no trouble finding us.

I just find it sad that other countries are investing so much in the education of their youth, but when we try to keep up with the education curve, we are "punished" for it. In some cases we are discouraged from getting higher degrees. We just can't afford it! My degree is a representation of the 4 years of debt that I accumulated.

I would like a bailout.

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