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Old 09-01-2006, 10:09 PM
Justin M. Giza
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Default Power Keeps Cutting Out on my Laptop

My junkpad R40's been acting up again.

Seemingly at random, all power will simply cut out from the system. I could be in MS Word, I could be doing something more hardcore like gaming. Just... whenever my computer doesn't feel like working anymore, all power will cut out from the system, and completely die.

Now here's where it gets really odd.

If I leave the AC adapter plugged in, the power button will not work.

If I remove it, the power button *will* work, and I can just plug it back in.

If it goes to sleep mode, it will not return from it at all. Period. Regardless of whether it's plugged in or not, it will not come out of it.

The random shut-downs sounds like something that would happen if the thermal sensor thought it was overheating, which... I'm not sure about. I'm not confident what the R40's typically run at, but mine is currently at 52C, which sounds a bit high. Could it be a faulty sensor, something with the adapter itself, or some other unforseen problem?

I'm bringin' it in as soon as I can, but if anyone has any suggestions for a fix in the meantime, that'd be great. Thanks!

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Old 09-02-2006, 01:32 PM
Jason R. Howe's Avatar
Jason R. Howe Jason R. Howe is offline
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If I'm not mistaken the thermal limit for the R40's is somewhere in the high 70's C. So 52 is just fine. I annoyed at Laptops running so hot myself, as the way I have my desktop setup it hardly every sees 40.

Infact there is a utility (the name of which escapes me now) which we use to check temps on the laptops, and generally what you will see when running it at full blast (running prime 95 or something) is that the temp will creep slowly up, even while the fans are running full blast, then when it hit's the thermal ceiling, it will automatically scale back it's speed to like half or so, until the temp comes down a couple degrees, then it will kick back up to full speed and repeat the process.

But the problem you're having sounds like a bad mainboard, that is generally the only time when it just shuts off. I would suggest you bring it to the helpdesk as soon as possible so we can that fixed for you, and also take a look at your groupwise problems.

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Old 09-02-2006, 01:40 PM
Justin M. Giza
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A bad mainboard would be... erm... bad.

Had mine replaced not even a year ago for a video card error. Guess I'll just bring it in.
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Old 09-02-2006, 01:53 PM
Laura A. Billet
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it'll be a while. they just had to order a mainboard for me too...no eta...
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Old 09-02-2006, 04:21 PM
Justin M. Giza
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Mine actually got replaced within a couple weeks, which was fine considering I had a loaner.

I should really invest in an external at some point. Seems I'm backing up my data and shipping it down to CNS every two to three months for a re-image or hardware replacement. It'd certainly save me the hassle of CD-Rs.

Anyone know how many hardware failures you need before they just give you a new damn laptop? >_>
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Old 09-02-2006, 06:00 PM
Mike Richichi's Avatar
Mike Richichi Mike Richichi is offline
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Our "lemon clause" is 3 major failures within 6 months. If they're spaced out more than that, or determined to be accidental damage, they don't count.

As an aside, this is why we spec 4 year warranties and accidental damage coverage nowadays. A 3 year old laptop, no matter how good, can start to show its age, especially if it's heavily used. I own an R40 that had to get its lid latches replaced, and a new mainboard because the power pin and Ethernet jack weren't holding cables anymore. Doesn't mean it's unreliable.
--Mike Richichi
Director of Computing and Network Services
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Old 09-04-2006, 07:15 PM
Kevin P. Egan's Avatar
Kevin P. Egan Kevin P. Egan is offline
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It does sound like a thermal issue to me, I was working on a computer earlier today which just randomly shut off whenever the person would rip a cd. There was no blue screen and now warning, just shut off. I checked using our temperature meter program and it was spiking in the 90s (celcius!).
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