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Old 08-09-2005, 04:26 PM
Elyse C. Atkinson
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Cool I am a sometimes internet geek.

I don't like seeing that no one has written in here, and I'm dorky enough to do it, so i'll do it.

OADN this year is going to rock. we have some fun senior solos up for fall, so be looking out for those. Also, our CD should be on its way... any day now... so check it out because it's going to be great.

Girls -- Audition audition audition! We have an old group, so we need to get some young 'uns (like myself) in there.

PS You should come to our shows. All of you. Come watch us bust out. Oh and those boys too, and that british kid... you know... what is it? 37 jefferson ave? ooooh i am a nerd. This is what summer does to me.
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Old 08-10-2005, 02:39 AM
Amanda L. Brennan
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Elyse Is My Favorite 4 Lyfe.

Edit: oooo the forum has a caps lock filter. no caps lock for elyse.
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Old 08-10-2005, 02:56 AM
Zachary C. Kanfer
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does it? that's AWESOME.

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Old 08-10-2005, 11:46 PM
Amanda L. Brennan
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that's so weird
i'm all about the caps lock.
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Old 08-17-2005, 10:01 AM
Meaghan E. Bratichak
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Originally Posted by Elyse C. Atkinson
Girls -- Audition audition audition! We have an old group, so we need to get some young 'uns (like myself) in there.

hey elyse, im a freshman and in was wondering what auditions consist of (naturally i understand that you cant tell me about the burning sacrificial parts, but you know, just the singing stuff) i sing, like, enough that i have done shows and gotten call backs for real roles and stuff, but not to an extent that you would ever want me to do a solo. i guess my point is how competitive is it?
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Old 08-20-2005, 03:43 PM
Jenna L. Scandone
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Originally Posted by Meaghan E. Bratichak
hey elyse, im a freshman and in was wondering what auditions consist of (naturally i understand that you cant tell me about the burning sacrificial parts, but you know, just the singing stuff) i sing, like, enough that i have done shows and gotten call backs for real roles and stuff, but not to an extent that you would ever want me to do a solo. i guess my point is how competitive is it?

i second that, inquiring minds of singing freshmen want to know!
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Old 08-21-2005, 10:47 PM
Lindsay A. Williams
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I love to sing in groups, but have awful audition fears. Is it going to be scary?

Also. . .how do the classes work? Does the madrigals group only do madrigals, or do they sing other stuff too?
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Old 08-22-2005, 03:02 AM
Golbanou Tabatabaie's Avatar
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Elder Drewid
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Golly wants to know too!

Live Loud.
"Can I bring my pet fluffball with me or might he be anally raped by a spoon in the middle of the night?" -Dia
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Old 08-23-2005, 02:24 AM
Elyse C. Atkinson
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OK! Sorry it took me forever and a day to get back on here. I'm stoked that you guys are interested!!!

I tend to get detailed with descriptions, so i'll try to break this down so you can skip parts you don't want to read.

*********************AUDITION PROCESS*******************

Auditions this year are going to be slightly different than previous years, so this is all subject to change. But it will be basically the same. You should come to the audition prepared to sing the verse and a chorus of two songs. Try to stay away from musical theater and opera and crazy underground music that i've never heard of (but don't worry, i've heard of some underground stuff.) The point is to make it something recognizable. A good example would be to sing something by your favorite artist that I could hear on the radio, or that I could buy a cd of in any cd store. Please don't sing a song your boyfriend wrote you in 10th grade. I won't know it. Also, try to pick songs that you like (because then you'll be more comfortable) and that you think shows off your voice well. +1 to you if you can pick songs that are contrasting styles/tempos/whatever.

As for the actual process, we'll introduce ourselves and tell you about the group and what it involves. (It involves COMMITTMENT and TIME, i'll tell you that right now. Please don't audition half-heartedly or because your mom wants you to.) Then we'll have you sing one of your selections.

We'll send everyone out and make our selections to be called back for the next round. In the next round, you'll sing your other piece and do some range exercises.(they feel like warm ups. aaaaahhhhhs right on up.)

Then we tie you to a stake, get the lighter fluid and.... oops, I forgot I didn't have to tell you that part. (Only kidding, we use charcoal without lighter fluid...... HAHA! got you again! No, there's no burning or sacrifices.)

We'll send everyone out, make selections, blah blah blah. Next round, we'll have you do some pitch matching (we play some notes, you sing them back.)

In the final round, we get to be teachers and sing with you and teach you something (nothing complicated) to hear how you blend.

That's the basic idea for the audition, anyway. Like I said, this is subject to change. Don't freak out and practice pitch matching or stress over what songs to choose. All you really need to know is that you should come prepared with two RECOGNIZABLE selections (verse and a chorus for each) to share with us. If you're extra cool, you can have 3 just in case you decide while you're waiting to scrap one, or if you're not sure if one is recognizable.

**********ARE AUDITIONS COMPETETIVE?************
I just finished my first year here, so I would expect that this changes slightly depending on interest, who's in your class, who's auditioning, how many people we need, etc.. In general, I think competetive is not the right word. I think OADN is a selective group, which means that we are looking for select singers. We probably wouldn't accept your Aunt Dot who sings off key in the church choir. Not that there's anything wrong with your Aunt Dot; she probably just wouldn't blend with us so well.

A cappella has been described to me as being "Drew's football," so it's pretty popular. I think this past year when I auditioned there were over 30 girls at the beginning, and 3 of us were accepted.

*************ARE AUDITIONS SCARY?**********
Auditions are about as scary as wearing that bright orange tank top with neon green bows in your hair. In other words, as long as you are confident and think you're cool, we will too. We're a really nice group of girls who love to listen to people sing. Remember, that we want you to be in the group just as much as you do. We want you to do well! and trust me, i've heard worse singers than you. Don't argue. You didn't go to my high school. So get up there and show us your stuff! You'll be great.

Now that the pep talk is over, no, auditions are not scary unless YOU make them. Old men in speedos are scary, not auditions for OADN. I'll be there to cheer you on. I promise.

For the person who said something about singing solos, every girl in OADN gets at least one solo by senior year. If you are in the group, it is likely you will be singing a solo. Unless you don't want to, in which case I will come back and kick you because if you're in the group, you're way past good enough to sing a solo.

******************CLASSES AND MADRIGALS***************
I'm not sure I understand your question about classes. Madrigals, however, does sing only music from that time period. It is hard work, from what I understand, but fun. They always sound beautiful.

Madrigals is different from the a cappella groups in that it can be taken for credit, and has a faculty advisor. the a cappella groups are completely student run.

If you have more madrigals questions, a good person to contact is Sigourney Giblin.

*******************GENERAL NOTE TO INTERESTED PEOPLE*******
I hope this information has helped you, and that you're awake after reading it all. Please don't feel overwhlemed. I know it's a lot to think about. If you have any questions about auditions or OADN or a cappella or chorale or Drew in general, or if you're feeling so nervous that you're not sure you want to try out, please email me or post something. I love email. I will try to remember to check these boards as well. My email is eatkinso@drew.edu. I will prob. get back to you the same day because i love email. OOOHHH! ALSO, you could IM me at MoonlitMelody. I love AIM as well.

california sunshine,
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Old 08-29-2005, 08:00 PM
Melissa A. Cardiello
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Default Shenanigans of the OADN sort

Elyse has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of drew forum thingy. and i f-ing HATE the internet.com. however. i was very excited to hear that people were already asking about auditions!!!! wee!!!! singing is fun!

So welcome in advance to all the freshman, i am co-musical director of the group with elyse and am a senior (which is unreal, but true). you will meet everyone at auditions but you know, here we are on the internet, chattin it up.

Elyse did a good job *pats elyse on the back* informing about auditions. just to add on to that, we do have to sing in front of all the other audionees. to some, this may be scary, to other, comforting. i ASSURE you, it is an extremely supportive environment. despite the fact that us girls as a gender are labled as catty and competitive (how comPLETEly false ) everyone is very supportive and nice. i will piggy back off of elyse, reinforcing that you PLEASE bring a recognizable song. we're not talkin happy birthday or mary had a little lamb...if you pick you know, like a country song or whatever, odds are quite a few of us will know it. if we don't, we'll probably kill you. and by kill you, i mean simply ask you to sing something different. don't freak about it.

yeah, we're pretty selective, but a good number of our girls have re-auditioned and gotten in too, so if i can say anything, it's that you shouldn't be too broken up about a cappella. like elyse said, it is very very popular at drew, and there are a gazillion girls at drew, so there ya go. the other thing you should know is that we don't care about your voice part...our arrangments aren't SAA or SAB or anything like that. each girl is fairly versatile. if you can sing the notes in a part we write, than you sing that part. make sense?

don't stress!! and also, we'll be having an activities fair where you can buy our new cd and give it a listen. we do ALL kinds of songs, so if you have questions about a certain type of repertoire that you're hip too, please ask. i will also put my email address out there so we can all chat on the friggin internet. mcardiel@drew.edu. tons 'o fun.

i have a great feeling about the incoming freshman class...i'm certain you will blow us away. it was very hard last fall to turn away any of the thirty-some odd girls that came out...there wasn't one person that was "bad." and i would say if there was. because i'm catty and unsupportive. haha. get it? cause i jsut said that in the last paragraph...get it?

oh boy. elyse just said, "at least they'll come out for auditions knowing they're cooler than me." ... and me.

sing sing sing and we'll see you all in a few days.

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