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Old 12-03-2010, 04:48 PM
Samuel J. Scribner Samuel J. Scribner is offline
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Default Thefts from LOCKED rooms

This semester there has been a shameless theft spree that was in large part enabled by the use of illegally obtained master keys for various buildings. Students who took every possible precaution became victims of theft at the cost of personal items such as laptops, iPods, cell phones, video game consoles, jewelry, and money. The total cost of these thefts is easily into the thousands by now.
I ask you, the Drew community, have you been the victim of a theft from within your dorm room even after locking your door?
What was taken and what is the value?
How does this make you reflect on our public safety?
Do you think the university is at fault here and why?

I believe these thefts reflect gross operational negligence on behalf of the university. Is the safety of student property under lock and key not guaranteed on our campus? If the personal security measures given to us by the university are this easily undone by preventable internal security failures, what incentive does any student have for living on our campus let alone coming to Drew?


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Old 12-04-2010, 12:00 PM
Michael J. Richards's Avatar
Michael J. Richards Michael J. Richards is offline
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I returned from Thanksgiving break Sunday night to find that my room, which I left locked before break, was now unlocked. Did ResLife not lock rooms back up after doing room checks over the break? Would I have been held responsible if my stuff had been taken? Thank god that nothing was stolen.

Oh, and that same Sunday night was another evening without a public safety officer sitting in the gatehouse.
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Old 12-12-2010, 07:10 PM
Thomas J. Saxton Thomas J. Saxton is offline
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Join Date: May 2009
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Default Items stolen.

I came back from Thanksgiving break, to find that my PS3, both controllers, the power cable, and the cable to attach the system to my TV were gone. There was also a game inside the system at the time, as well as a little over $100 worth of stuff that was downloaded onto the system.
I estimate the value of everything to be close to about $780, though I might be forgetting some things.
$600 for the PS3 when I bought it
$60 for the second controller
$30 for the game inside
$40 for one of the downloaded games
$30 for another downladed game
About $50 for several add-ons for a few of my games

I do believe that the university is at fault, as people have jobs here to assure us that things like things don't happen. There are things that I could complain about, whether it be about public safety altering statements, public safety in general, the commons, or whatnot. However those are more-or-less the same at any college. However, getting my stuff stolen that I have put time and effort, saving money for or given as gifts are another thing all together. It makes me rather be a commuter, and deal with other bull that I'd have to renting out an apartment. Because at least then if my stuff is stolen, I won't have to be paranoid about the people living around me, and I feel as if I'd have more power to be able to stop it from happening in the first place. For example, I could change my own locks instead of having to go through the lock-smith and fill out whatever paper work I'd need to.
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Old 12-17-2010, 09:35 PM
Rudi A. Jones Rudi A. Jones is offline
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I took home ALL of my electronics over the break. This is the very first time I've taken home anything besides my clothes, shoes, etc. for winter break since I was a freshman. Freshman and sophomore year, I felt safe leaving my items in my room after I locked the door. But after all these thefts, one of them on my floor, I thought it best to take my items home. It's PATHETIC at such a small university that the offender cannot be caught, and even more so pathetic that they're able to have such easy access to all the rooms on campus. It makes me not want to bring ANYTHING remotely valueable on campus, and certainly doesn't make me feel safe.

Don't expect to see any real action from public safety either, because things like this happened last year as well and the perpetrator never got caught as far as most people know.

Sad...but true.
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