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Old 09-11-2006, 11:07 AM
Kelly M. Earls
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Default Printer Problems! HELP!

My printer was out of black ink, so I just bought/installed a new black ink cartridge (C82). Now, when I try to print something, it sounds and acts as if it's printing it, but nothing comes out on the page. No ink; it's just white. I've tried cleaning the nozzle heads, etc etc and nothing seems to work. I also tried turning off my computer, then turning it back on. No luck. Any suggestions?!?!?! Thanks!
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Old 09-14-2006, 07:40 AM
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Unfortunately this means that your printer has given up the ghost. It is a two hour, very messy process to revive a C82 with the problem you describe. The problem is this:

The printer runs a cleaning cycle itself every so often, I'm sure you noticed this at times, when you would try to print or turn it on and it took forever to settle down and be ready to print. When a cleaning cycle is run, a vacuum motor sucks ink out of the cartridges and through the print nozzles, to flush then out and keep them clean. It does this through a series of very narrow plastic tubes. It then discharges all this ink into a holding area in the bottom of the printer, where is just sort of sits until it dries up. And that is where the problem lies. Most times what will happen is that the ink will dry up in and around the discharge tube. Once that happens, ink being sucked out of the cartridges has no where to go -- so it goes no where. Pretty much your printer cannot clean itself anymore. And so even though it's going through the motions of a cleaning cycle, nothing is happening. It gets worse though. The nozzles now, can not be flushed, so the ink starts drying up in them, and when it is all good and caked up in the nozzles, you notice it, because it acts like it's printing, but just spits out a blank page.

There are 2 solutions:
1) You can disassemble your printer, remove the tube system and the vacuum motor, and flush everything out with warm water until water flows freely through all the tubes. Unfortunately, most of the time, even after doing this, the ink is so caked up in the nozzles, that they will not clean all the way or sometimes at all.
2) You can buy a new printer, which is the easiest, cleanest and most reliable fix.
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