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Old 04-10-2009, 01:43 PM
Gisela Martinez
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Default Apply to Live in the HOTTEST house EVA!!!!!!!!!!

Want to be a part of La Casa Latina?
We are looking for a new additions to La Casa Latina for the 2009-2010 year.
Located in Eberhart 25 &26. It's just a a hop and a skip away from the University Center. A convenient walk to save those rumbling stomachs during those late night study groups and grab a bite to eat at the Space.
Not only is the location great but the living atmosphere is wonderful. You get the opportunity to meet many great people, who are all interested in learning about Latin American culture.
Wait there's more... If you live in La Casa you'll also get a bonus:an amazing experience to add to your list of best college experiences...because there truly is no other place like it - it is a second home.
Nuestra Casa es Tu Casa!!!!!!!!!!
You don't have to be Latino/a to apply. All those who are interested on applying please fill out the application down below. They are due Sunday April 12, 2009 by 7pm. Send to gmartine@drew.edu, leave at my door at Asbury 110, or in my mail box CM 982!!!
If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me!!
Gisela Martinez
La Casa Latina HA
La Casa Application Due: 4/12/09
Drop off at Asbury 110 by 7 pm or CM 982
or e mail to gmartine@drew.edu as word attachment

Campus Mail Box:
Class Year: ___Freshman ___Sophomore ___Junior ___Senior
1. Under what room conditions would you like to live in and what room conditions would you not mind:
__ I will only live in the house if I receive a single.
__ I prefer a single, but if I had to live with someone else I would not mind.
__ I do not mind having a roommate. (I prefer to live with _________________ Ext: _____ )
2. La Casa Latina is a co-ed floor with co-ed use of bathrooms. Are you comfortable living in this situation?
__ Yes __ No
3. Are you a:
__ Smoker
__ Smoker that would mind living with a smoker
__ Smoker that would not mind living with a smoker
__ Non-smoker
4. Have you ever lived or applied to live in a Theme House?
__ Yes Theme House: ___________________ Year: __________
__ No
Please answer the following questions as best as possible:
1. Why do you think Theme Houses are an important aspect of the Drew Community? What do you think La Casa brings to the community?
2. Why do you want to be part of La Casa Latina? What do you feel you can contribute to our house?
3. What interests you about Latin American culture?
4. Everyone who lives in La Casa Latina is responsible for creating and implementing a campus wide program about the Latino Culture for the Drew Community. As a house member, what program would you create and how would you carry it out (Donít be afraid to be creative)?
5. Please list all the La Casa/Ariel programs you attended this past year? In general, why did you choose to attend these, and how did you find them interesting?
6. To live in La Casa requires a time commitment. In order for us to better understand your schedule, please list employment and extra-curricular activities for this semester and next semester if already known.

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