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Old 08-05-2005, 09:57 AM
Ryan J. Crowley
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Default Favorite Game?

This is a good place for people in the club to tell me what games they really like and people who like to watch to tell me what games they like to see. Or, tell me some games I've never heard of.

This will help (albeit not completely shape) with next year's repertoire.

In lieu of my favorite, I am going to post some new games that I'd like to try.

Dry Cleaning Bag Of Death
"We need three or four players. During the scene, one player is always off-stage, with his head inside a dry cleaning bag, slowly suffocating. He is not allowed out of the bag until some other player finds a way to to exit the scene and 'liberate' the suffocating player. New player puts his head into the bag until freed by another player, and first liberated player finds a way to justify his entrance into the scene."

Evil Stick Of Gum
"This is a variation on Little Voice . In this game one character has a piece of gum in her mouth, and this piece of gum is capable of talking.
The point is that other characters in the scene do not know about this piece of gum, and hence mistake the gum's words for the characters.
Since our piece of gum is evil, it tries to get it's owner in trouble."

Quiz show
In this one, there's one host and three contestants. You have a "quiz show" on an audience-picked subject.

Nursery Rhyme Talk Show
Like an Oprah/Springer type show. Pick a nursery rhyme, have a host, 2 guests, and an audience member.

There's also "Antifreeze", but I have to read up again on how that works.
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Old 08-05-2005, 04:12 PM
Zachary C. Kanfer
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no, but really. I'll have to find a list of improv games and see which ones I liked doing, or look interesting.

What I would like to see, though, is more things thought of before the event. (i.e. homework, ha ha). Like, party quirks, or two line vocabulary. It seems to me that a lot of the things that we do are things that are funny, but don't have much depth to them. So just a few minutes beforehand thinking of various things that you'd need for the games would make some of these games a lot better.
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Old 08-05-2005, 07:06 PM
Ryan J. Crowley
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I actually do have a list of Party Quirks, World's Worst Topics, and Car Scene couplings that I plan on using. Even ones that didn't work last year because new blood may make a difference. On depth though, that is a good point. So I want to bring back longform, which forms characters and backstories and whatnot. Maybe not in shows, but as a good practice.

A good site (and where I find a good lot of my games) is http://www.humanpingpongball.com.
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Old 08-05-2005, 10:08 PM
Zachary C. Kanfer
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Wikipedia has some good ones on the Whose Line page.

  • Changed Letters: The performers enact a scene; however, the performers must substitute one letter for another in all spoken words, as specified by the host. (For example, if 'F' is substituted for 'B', lines like "I fruised my futt on the fack porch" might be spoken.)
  • If You Know What I Mean: Several performers improvise a scene in which they make up as many ambiguous euphemisms as they can.
  • Improbable Mission: Two performers are super-secret agents a la Mission: Impossible. A third performer is the voice on the tape, who gives them their assignment: a mundane task (e.g. get dressed or mow the lawn).
  • Moving People: Two performers enact a scene, but cannot move on their own. Instead, two audience members move them into different positions as they act out the scene.
  • Weird Newscasters: One performer is the lead anchor of a news show, with the others acting as co-host, sports anchor, and weather anchor. The host gives each performer (except the lead anchor) a quirky personality to be used in the scene.
and any with props would be hilarious, if you could get props...which would be doubtful.
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Old 08-05-2005, 10:58 PM
Zachary C. Kanfer
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ooh, take a look at How to be a Better Improviser! It's got some really good tips, or suggestions, or whatever you want to call them.
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Old 08-06-2005, 12:40 AM
Ryan J. Crowley
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Thanks for both of those, Zach!!

I bookmarked the how to be a better improviser. I may print it out and give it out at the first or second post-Open House meeting...or, have a pile of them at the Improv table at the Open House...not as required reading but as something to consider.

Actually, if we end up being ECAB, the only thing besides props we would have to put money toward would be the end of year show, and if booking costs aren't that much, there is no reason we couldn't fill a prop box.

And those games look fun. :-D We'll give them a run or two to see if they work, and perhaps build them into our repertoire. Because all words that sound french should be italicized.
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