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Old 11-20-2006, 05:53 AM
Kevin Domanski
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Default WoW and Drew

I suppose this thread can is sort of a continuation of https://community.drew.edu/showthread.php?t=337.

I know that everyone is aware of bandwidth issues around campus, and I'm not complaining about them, but simply have a question that specifically deals with the game WoW and Drew's network.

I don't usually play the game during the day or evening (what seems to be the busiest hours on the network) but instead much later at night as a way to entertain myself when I don't have work to do but insomnia just won't let me sleep. I havn't really had a problem playing however until this week.

Prior to this week my connection to the game averaged around 200ms. However at the begining of this week my average connection increased severly to about 600-800ms. Since Thursday, I've been able to get no connection. Even this weekend (when a lot of students were off campus) I wasn't able to get a strong enough connection to log in to the game. Even at 5:30am when I can't imagine there is much traffic at all I am unable to connect. When I say no connection, I mean I can log into the game, but my latency is so high that within about 20 seconds I am disconnected from the server. A few times this weekend during morning hours (10am-11am) I was able to connect but at a very high latency. At these times I've been unable to connect I've noticed that general browsing of the internet is completely normal, and much faster due to most students being asleep.

I am curious why this is the case. I've had other people from other locations log into my account and are able to connect without problems.
I've also logged onto other servers that Blizzard offers to see if I was just having a connection issue with a particular one but I've experienced the same problem with all of them

I've tested available bandwidth using http://reviews.cnet.com/7004-7254_7-0.html
(although how accurate this is I am unsure of) and according the test says I have 1.5mb/s at my dispossal. This is more than enough to run WoW.

From reading other posts regarding this subject, including the one mentioned at the beginning of this post, it has been stated several times that specific ports are not blocked or given less priority. Dave Wilson even mentioned in one of the replies that games and things like streaming media are given more priority because they demand a more consitant connection.

For games, I know many of you have questions regarding this. For the games that our packet shaper recognizes (and part of the problem is that it doesn't recognize all of the ones that are played here-we may be able to work on this), we actually have a QoS policy to *guarantee* bandwidth per connection so that games are able to work better. We do the same thing with streaming media, because these are both persistent connections that won't work if the available bandwidth falls below a certain level.

The information from these posts are over a year old, however, and I'm unsure if policies have changed or if new problems have been encountered. I'm also unsure if changes being made for the pending internet upgrade are affecting this.

I guess to sum up my question: With no ports being blocked or prioritized, why with a essentially a full pipe of bandwidth can I not get a solid connection to a WoW server. Any ideas? I realize this issue has no priority but I'm wondering if its a known issue or if I'm just doing something incredibly stupid. Again, there were no problems until this week. They specifically began on Thursday, when I know a system switch was updated in BC (as mentioned in Paul's e-mail) but I don't believe that would affect anything - it could but from the e-mail it sounded like this switch controlled specific internal applications and services that did pertain in making off campus connections - but again I could be wrong. That is why I'm asking.

I've read this over and I believe what I'm asking is clear, but if anything is not please point it out and I will clarify - I did write this after finishing a longer paper!

Thanks for your help in advance.

P.S. All though I'm not sure how many people would read this but since I really don't know other people who play on the campus, if any players do read this, I'm wondering what your experience is and if you are experiencing the same issues I am. This would help me narrow it down if it a problem with just myself or all people trying to play at Drew.
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Old 12-05-2006, 02:06 PM
Nicole D. Entwistle
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I've been having some of the same problems. However, more recently I've been able to get a rather consistent connection the the WoW servers and have minimal server lag, but my Ventrilo client is a whole different story. I can't hold a connection to save my life and can barely even log into my guild's server. I don't know if this is related but that's what I've been seeing these past few days.
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