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Old 05-14-2006, 06:12 PM
Amrita Raman
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Default Drew Film Club!!!!

I'm a theater minor who really wanted to be a film major. Short of that, this summer, I would like to establish a Drew film club. I hope I will before the fall semester begins. I know there were some old postings from 10/2005 about the topic of a film major and possible club. Does anyone know if anything has been done about it?

My film club goals would be:
- Guest speakers (filmmakers, screenwriters, business people, etc)
- Film project collaboration in order to have material upon graduation (I have decent prosumer camera - the Panasonic AG-DVC7 - after I get some practice, I'd like to upgrade; I will be buying final cut studio soon)
- Participation in local film festivals to learn how to submit & win awards
- Learning about film industry programs & organizations (the DGA's internships, WGA, IFP, Lincoln Center YFF, etc)
- Learning how to fund film projects (LMDC, NEA, etc)
- Learning about the business of film (protecting screenplays, production insurance, film credits, distribution, etc)
- Screening the movies that we love!

I would like this to be a club that's as much about the film industry as the art of films. Would anyone be interested?
- Amrita
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Old 05-14-2006, 08:06 PM
Raven Brockriede
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Default i just

might be interested....sounds fun!
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Old 05-15-2006, 11:40 PM
Thomas M. Morgan
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Default hmmm

Well I would certainly be interested in it, and you might like to know that Im already putting together a student television club for next year.

DUST (Drew University Student Television) used to be around some time ago, but it disbanded. I've met with some people to get it back, and it should be ready by the fall. I guess that were not technically a film club, but were certainly going to be making movies and TV shows to broadcast on the Drew TV cable network.

Hopefully there will be an email going around at the begining of the semester, but if anybody would like more information or to join or to help run the club, contact me.
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Old 06-07-2006, 04:02 PM
Maureen Tauriello's Avatar
Maureen Tauriello Maureen Tauriello is offline
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Default Drew Film Club

I know my son Mark is very interested...I told him to check out this forum so you may be hearing from him soon.

If not send email to mataurie@drew.edu. He has spoken to Dr. Weisbuch about a film major and Dr. Weisbuch is very interested. I'm sure you will be hearing more as work progresses toward that goal. If you want a film program make sure that you let the "powers that be" know. The more interest the more likely that it will happen.
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Old 06-07-2006, 05:31 PM
Mark A. Tauriello
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Default Film stuff


My name is Mark and I am now a sohpmore at Drew. I too want to major in film making/ video production, and I know that Drew doesn't have much to offer on film making. There are a few courses about the history of film, but it just isn't enough to really help people like us to get into the whole film industry. Because Drew does not have a video production/ film major, I am going to design my own ( assuming it gets approved and doesn't cost any additional money for me) and take video production classes at FDU, which is like... not even a mile away from Drew. I too want to learn how to make movies, get into the film industry, and everything else you posted. I think you have some really great ideas, and hopefully we can work together with a team of people who feel the same way as us, and get this film stuff up and running. I have talked to the president of Drew, and he liked the idea of Drew having a film program. I really believe that we can get this started. Please contact me and we can talk more about this and see if we can find ways of accomplishing this.
My email is MemorysOfNothing@aol.com and my screen name is MemorysOfNothing. I'm glad you posted about film.

-Mark Tauriello
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Old 06-13-2006, 01:26 PM
Amrita Raman
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Hi Mark,

That sounds really great! I'm working on two indie films this summer, so I hope to get more experience with the actual equipment that we might need for a film club.
I didn't know that Drew has a tv studio, or what kind of equipment they have. Someone else posted about that. It might be good to try to join forces.
I didn't think of pressing the President for a film major, but that's something really good to look into, especially if we can show that there's a lot of interest.
I'll keep you posted once I get some spreadsheets together.

- Amrita
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Old 07-18-2006, 12:30 PM
Amrita Raman
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Default Art PAs need for MC Lars Video Shoot

Hello everyone,

There's a video shoot for a musician named MC Lars (see website below) in Brooklyn at Context Studios. Setting up/shooting is on 7/18-7/20. They are looking for art department PAs. It's low budget, and no pay - but the guys are so super nice and it's a great way to gain experience and meet people. If you or anyone you know can help them out in the art department - just call Sean and say that "Amrita told us about this". See below for more information.


MC Lars's website: http://www.mclars.com/
Info: Context Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Dates/Time: 8 am everyday for the 18th (build), 19th (shoot) and 20th (shoot)

Contact: Sean Donnelly - 646-262-5095
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Old 06-15-2008, 12:56 AM
Gregory R. Everitt's Avatar
Gregory R. Everitt Gregory R. Everitt is offline
Junior Drewid
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I never intended on being a film major, but I might be interested in joining a club like this. The Drew TV club sounds good too. Maybe the film clubs movies could be shown on DUST or something? I figure having two sorts of AV club on campus would lead to that kind of teamwork.
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